The Muslim Ajdin V. murdered three Germans out of anger that his W-LAN was switched off

Allah's Willing Executioners

The suspected triple murderer of Holzgerlingen made a confession at the start of the legal proceedings.

The Bosnian Ajdin V., who is 31 years old today, deeply regrets the crime, said the man’s lawyer in a short statement on Tuesday before the Stuttgart Regional Court.

It was not a planned attack. His client had acted in the heat of passion. The public prosecutor’s office accuses the defendant of having killed his landlord and two other people out of anger over a switched-off connection for the W-Lan in his apartment.

The lawyer of the suspected perpetrator said that the loss of control was triggered by a mental illness.

Since the beginning of the lease, the computer scientist had been in a depressive phase. The defendant resided in the attic apartment of the apartment building.On March 18, the bodies of a 27-year-old woman and her 33-year-old partner and his father (62 years…

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