Israel must stand with little Armenia against Turkish Jihad

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

Turkish President Erdogan is a grave threat to all Christians, to Europe, to civilization and to our common values.

After Syria, Libya and the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish ‘sultan’ now is intervening in Nagorno Karabach, a historic piece of Armenian land disputed by Muslim Azerbaijan.

Erdogan, backed by the usual treacherous Qatar, sent his Islamist henchmen, already become very efficient in Libya and against the Kurds in Syria, to help the Azeris.AsiaNewsrevealed that 4,000 Syrian mercenaries are in Azerbaijan and that others are leaving for that purpose. They say they “fight against the Christian crusaders” and that “it is part of the jihad”.

Israel must stop selling weapons to the Azeris. After all Turkey has also become Israel’s enemy. I was disappointed when the vote in the Knesset to recognize the Armenian Genocide was canceled.

The Armenians are left with onlyPutin and Russia

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