Biden ahead of Trump by 14 points?

Cry and Howl

So we’re just a few weeks from the election. We’ve all known the media would be hammering the President every step of the way, increasing the negativity (if that is possible) thrown at him 24/7. It’s really beyond stunning right now the all out effort to make the President look bad no matter what he does. When the President tested positive for COVID 19 the loons on the left were in one accord in the hopes that he could die from the virus. CLICK HERE and observe the pure hatred the left has for the President. These are the very people who accuse conservatives of being “haters.” The hatred expressed by the left towards the President is simply stunning now. I’m not happy at all that President Trump is trailing freaking Joe Biden by like 14 points in many ‘battle-ground’ states. I know, I know … the polling during the…

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