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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

The news media would like us to deify the debate moderator.

Why Would The Candidates Prefer To Brawl?

In Part 1 of this series (link => here), we discussed what was wrong with the format of the First Presidential Debate of 2020. Here we will consider why some candidates might prefer to brawl instead of debate.

Why would some candidates prefer to debate the character of their opponents? It is easier.

  • It is easier to attack your opponent than it is to explain one’s positions on the issues. It is easier to point out flaws in the other guy than it is to choose and to defend the best policy choices.
  • It is easier to manipulate us. Politics tend to be tribal or factional because we each tend to dislike people who are unlike us, especially people who dare to disagree with “us”. We readily think those “other people”…

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