It Went All The Way To The Top

The Lone Cactus

Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe declassified some documents the other day. What it showed was not just surprising, it was downright criminal.

The whole “Russian Collusion hoax” that Hillary Clinton had approved running against Donald Trump went all the way to the top. That means the then-President Bobo Obama had received word of it, and did nothing to stop it.

The notes were handwritten, and from former CIA Director, John Brennan who personally briefed Obama on the action. Brennan had not only denied in the past that he informed anyone farther up the chain of command, certainly not stopping at the top of the food chain, but said to the media many times that he had “proof” that Donald Trump, and those in his campaign had colluded with the Russians. In fact, not only was that a lie (as he later admitted to Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee in…

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