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Wayne Grudem is a respected theologian. The church I attend used a book he authored to teach the men at the church systematic theology. That’s one of the reasons I go to that church. They are serious about the Bible. Still, I am kind of disappointed in one respect. The pastor steps very carefully around politics. So, I will probably forward both an interview with Grudem (Do Pastors Have Permission to Preach About Politics? Don Kroah with Dr. Wayne Grudem ( and an article by Grudem (PERMISSION FOR PASTORS TO PREACH ABOUT POLITICS ( to him.

Grudem thinks Christians need to get involved in politics. Why? Well, please check out those links above. Grudem can explain himself well enough.

Am I trying to get my pastor in trouble? No. Here is the issue for me.

Matthew 5:13-15

New American Standard Bible

Disciples and the World

13“You are…

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