Justices Thomas, Alito Question Court’s 2015 Decision In Gay Marriage Case

The Mad Jewess

Justices Thomas, Alito Question Court’s 2015 Decision In Gay Marriage Case

Irony, glorious Irony - LGBT group after Hate Pastor's repo'd church |  SpaceBattles Forums

Its not enough that the Communists have infiltrated every single avenue of our society but they also shoved homo-marriage all over the nation. Now, some of the same pervs are seeking to make pedophilia ‘normal’. PUKE!

Thomas and Alito are questioning some things after:

Kim Davis, the former KY County Clerk who made the news for refusing to issue marriage licenses to fairy’s, is briefly back in the news today as the SCOTUS declined to hear her case. Mother F’cker Jones: Two Justices Really Want To Revisit Gay Marriage Ruling. Let’s Not Panic, Please.

Justices Thomas, Alito question court’s 2015 decision in gay marriage case:

So far, this is a list of what the Left has done to USA:

Cities destroyed, NO Justice system: The system is rigged…

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