Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) mayor allows radical Muslims in the city hall of Linz, Austria

Allah's Willing Executioners

The Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) mayor of Linz, Luger, apparently has no problem with the city hall becoming a stage for fundamentalist Muslims. A similar event was banned in Wels two years ago. In Linz the SPÖ apparently fears for the favor of its new voters.Already in 2018, Milli Görüs’ chairman, Kemal Ergün, should hold a speech at the ALIF annual general meeting in Wels. When vice mayor Rabl ( Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) asked specifically who supported these organizations, everyone was alarmed. Because the Milli Görüs is considered anti-constitutional in Germany by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The municipal Austrian People’s Party ( ÖVP ) and the Social Democratic Party ( SPÖ ) agreed at that time to prohibit the dangerous Islamist event at the exhibition center.In Linz, where the SPÖ is in power, everything seems to be different. There, radical Muslims, who in some…

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