Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Here we have newborn baby on scale (from here). Due to abortion, many babies, however, are aborted. Can you picture our Lord putting the United States on the scales of His justice?

Abortionists, the pro-choicers, women’s health movement advocates support legalized abortion. To the tune of over 61 million potential Americans, we have sacrificed babies on the altar of abortion at all stages of development since 1973. Doctors, many of whom have revoked licenses and tarnished reputations, continue to kill babies up to the nine-month viable delivery age and legally get away with it. But hear the following case and shudder:

A 22-year-old New Jersey mother took her newborn daughter down a rural road near her home  and doused her with an accelerant, then lit her on fire. When a passerby stopped and asked what she was doing, the woman said she was burning dog refuse. They discovered differently…

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