China is responsible for COVID, not President Trump

Cry and Howl

I have to tell you folks, I’m getting genuinely pissed off at utter morons who blame President Trump for the China virus and criticize his response to it. No one knew anything about it from the beginning. The Chinese released five (5) million people from Wuhan before even announcing the out-break. The media and the Democrats have been fueling this non-stop as they see this as their only way to defeat him in November … if they can get enough people to buy into the lie that the 200+ thousand deaths are all his fault. 1st of all, anyone with 1/2 a brain knows the numbers are highly inflated. Those dying from COVID alone are around 12,000. All others had complications from other medical problems. The average age of the deceased is 75 years old. There are around seven (7) million Americans infected (known). I’m not going to review all…

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