No More Soup For You!

The Lone Cactus

Donald Trump called a halt on all further stimulus relief negotiations until after the elections Tuesday. In a tweet to the world, Trump said that Nancy Pelosi was negotiating in bad faith and that there would be no further negotiations until after the elections.

I will give Trump credit for not wasting time in such a politically charged environment. Pelosi’s ploy was to pay back cities like Seattle, and Portland, and Los Angeles, and Chicago, and New York, and Minneapolis for money lost during the riots and looting that have occured this year. Paying those cities back would amount to nothing more than pork-barrelling and would do nothing but line the coffers of Democrat-controlled cities. It had nothing to do with Coronavirus relief efforts.

Now, Pelosi will probably (and may already have) try to spin this as the Republicans not there to help out those millions of Americans still suffering…

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