Citizen Tom

Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris at the first campaign event of the ticket, on August 12, 2020 (from here (en.wikipedia.org))

Why would anyone vote for Kamala Harris or Joe Biden? The typical answer I get is a non-answer, an attack on Donald Trump. That attack usually consists of a bunch of unsupported assertions. That is, the Harris/Biden supporter starts spouting off all the unsubstantiated charges they have heard in the biased, Liberal Democrat news media. When the bias is so evident, I am sort of amazed these people never investigate the charges. I am even more amazed they don’t seem to know anything about Harris or Biden.

Want to prove me wrong? Go to it. Why are you going to vote for Harris and Biden?

Want to pick at the ignorance of Harris and Biden supporters? Feel free to psychoanalyze Harris and Biden supporters. Let them know how…

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