Media Openly Pushing Secession: GOOD! Stay In Your CrapHole States, Leftists.

The Mad Jewess

Secession Fever' Sweeping Through US States In Wake Of Brexit - Off The  Grid News
Time to SECEDE.

I don’t see why this is a bad idea at all. Leftists need to stay in their feces ridden, urine-smelling, rat infested, tent city hell holes and go fix their states that THEY screwed up and STOP coming to red states, seeking to change it into the toilets you left behind.

You can murder your own offspring, have disgusting orgies with animals, have your ‘pride’ parades, and burning forests. Just leave us the hell alone. I don’t know why they come to red states? WHY? I thought we were ‘racist’, bigots, homophobic, xeno, etc. See? They know thats a friggin lie which is WHY they keep coming to our states.

I get so sick and tired of seeing Leftists move into my neighborhood. “Ridin with Biden” yard signs. Biden is a sick, old man. Just like his party: Sick, demented, insane lunatics.


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