AU #COVID19 #Fascism: Driving To Get Food/Vitamins, AU family fined $10,000:

The Mad Jewess

AU Leftist #Fascism: Driving To Get Food/Vitamins, AU family fined $10,000

We live in a world where hard-Left, totalitarian, Communist psychopaths close down nations, send the economies into an endless ditch of serfdom, then fine their citizens big money for not wearing masks or buying some food. If you think things are bad here, its always worse somewhere else.

Avi Yemeni is covering this story:

They were simply driving to get some food and vitamins. They apparently crossed some imaginary line on the map — that’s what police say — and so they each received a $5,000 fine. Each — both mom and dad got the same huge fine. I’m only surprised that they didn’t fine each of the children $5,000, also. The family has been smashed by an outrageous $10,000 pandemic fine from police.

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