German NGOs suspected of smuggling migrants into Greece, dozens of arrests made

Allah's Willing Executioners

Greek authorities suspect that four German civil society organizations are working with Turkish smugglers to assist illegal migrants to avoid sea patrols and land on the Greek islands, resulting in the arrest of 35 NGO activists last week.

Since the detention of the suspects by Greek authorities, new details are emerging about the case.

According to Greek portal Proto Thema, four pro-migrant NGOs based out Germany, Norway, and Austria, with Mare Liberum,Sea Watch, FFM, and Josoor International Solidarity becoming the targets of a large-scale police investigation. Their vessels are operating in the vicinity of Lesbos, one of the most popular destinations for illegal migrants since the beginning of the refugee crisis in 2015.

Officially, the organizations aim to save migrants in distress during their sea voyage, however, both Greece and Italy accuse these organizations of acting as a “taxi service” which works with smugglers picking migrants up in…

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