Germany: The Syrian drug dealer, with the Mercedes S-Class car and refugee status, who supplied minors with narcotics, received his driving licence financed by the German Red Cross

Allah's Willing Executioners

One year ago, after a long period of observation, a special police unit in Heidenau stopped the silver Mercedes S-class (price of the car approx. 90000 € ) of the drug dealer Ayham I. (24 years old) carrying two kilos of marijuana on board. He had previously bought it in Leipzig.

On Friday the unskilled Syrian, who came to Germany as a refugee in 2015, was brought before the Dresden Regional Court.

The public prosecutor accuses the man of at least 28 crimes. He is alleged to have sold kilos of mainly cannabis.

In Pirna, Heidenau and Dresden he is said to have been assisted by young women who even offered the drugs at the Goethe High School in Pirna.

Ayham I is alleged to have sold narcotics to a 15-year-old boy. He is said to have brutally collected outstanding debts with an iron bar and a switchblade.

Presiding judge…

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