This is how popular the social benefits are in Merkel’s Germany: Iraqis arrive by private jet and seek asylum

Allah's Willing Executioners

A curious incident occurred at Munich airport on Friday. A family of four from Iraq arrived from Istanbul in a private jet and initially claimed to the German authorities that they were flying to the Caribbean with a stopover. In the end they finally applied for asylum – as they were apparently threatened by a family member in their home country.

When the Iraqis arrived in the private jet, they first tried to cover up what they were really after. They claimed that Munich was only a stopover on their way to the Caribbean. But the Bavarian police became suspicious.

After all, it was the 12-year-old son who told the police the real reason for her private flight to Germany. According to a report in the newspaper Bild-Zeitung, the parents then told how the woman’s father, a strictly religious man, demanded that she and her only seven-year-old daughter be circumcised…

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