While more and more Germans are becoming homeless, asylum seekers refuse the flats offered to them, one reason being that there is no lift

Allah's Willing Executioners

1,972 refugees are currently living in shared accommodation in the municipality of Leipzig. More than half of them have been living there for more than two years. The municipality’s aim, however, is to provide accommodation for all of them – also via the Leipzig Housing Association (LWB).

The LWB has now drawn up an interim balance.

In January 2019, the city council had asked its housing association to draw up a report on the topic.

After the software requirements for recording the enquiries had been established, 370 requests from refugees were recorded in the last nine months.30 rental agreements were signed. The demand is primarily for 1-room or very large flats. The LWB stated: “But especially 4-room flats and larger ones are hardly available in the LWB housing stock”.

The LWB also receives many cancellations from refugees for the housing offered to them. If reasons are given at all, then…

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