French philosopher Zemmour: Hungary and Poland are being blackmailed by the EU because they don’t want migrants and won’t submit to the LGBT lobby

Allah's Willing Executioners

Hungary and Poland, two legitimate democracies, are now the targets of blackmail from the European Union over their stance on migration and LGBT issues, warned French philosopher and writer Éric Zemmour said on Wednesday on French news channelCNews.

Zemmour also believes that the Hungarian and Polish concepts of democracy might be different from the one generally accepted in the Western world, but they are no less viable.

“It is very simple. There are two democracy concepts — the traditional one is that of Lincoln, ‘of the people, by the people, for the people,'” Zemmour said. “And there is the concept of the constitutional state. It says that all the actions of the power must be authorized and controlled by a judge… Hungary and Poland have a noble conception of democracy, not a conception based on the power of judges. They don’t want the multiculturalism the EU wants to…

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