French woman says Facebook censored her video of a foreign male sexually assaulting her in public

Allah's Willing Executioners

A French woman who recorded and uploaded non-graphic footage of a foreign man sexually assaulting her on a train, has accused Facebook of censoring the video post, saying that the social media giant has prevented the sex offender from being exposed. The victim also urged the French government to begin protecting the country’s female population.

During the disturbing video recording, the female victim can be seen sitting facing a foreign man who’s sitting in the chair opposite of her. At first, the recording shows the man — who’s sitting slouched over in the chair — touching his genitals as he looks at the woman. He then mutters a few unintelligible words before he unzips his jeans, grabs the victim’s leg, and attempts to remove her shoe.

Repeatedly, the victim commands the man to stop assaulting her as she attempts to push his hands away from her leg. The video, which…

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