Greece: Migrants Film Themselves Licking Baby Food in Supermarket

Allah's Willing Executioners

Migrants on the Greek island of Samos have angered a local mayor after they filmed themselves licking children’s food in a supermarket as the country sees a resurgence of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Police in the town of Vethi arrested at least one migrant following the publication of the video on social media which shows a man picking up a carton of baby yoghurt in a supermarket and licking the top of it while smiling at the cameraman.Giorgos Stanzos, mayor of East Samos, reacted with anger to the video, saying according to Proto Thema: “Such antisocial behaviour, in the midst of a pandemic, must be punished wherever it comes from. We thank the Greek police for guarding public safety and health.”

The incident comes as Greece has seen a new wave of coronavirus cases in recent weeks, with the country recording460 caseson October 2nd, the highest daily number…

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