Muslim migrant beats German firefighter to death: German justice system shows clemency

Allah's Willing Executioners

On December 6, a migrant with Lebanese, Turkish and German citizenship beat a 49-year-old family man to death in Augsburg in a harmless brawl. Six of his cronies watched. For a long time the judiciary saw no reason to hold him in custody, and higher courts finally released all of them.German media reports indicate that the question of whether or not the victim was surrounded by the perpetrators at the time of his killing would have some essential meaning.This is another case where an encounter with a “group of young men” ended fatally. The German judiciary once again showed the outraged population what it is capable of doing in such cases: Show remarkable leniency.They don’t want to disturb the poor perpetrators, after all, the manslaughterer claims to have been only 17 years old when he committed his crime.The “quarrel” was allegedly triggered by one of the “men’s group” trying to…

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