So, you voted for Joe Biden? You can’t be very smart.

Cry and Howl

Just when I think I’ve met some really dumb people in my 71 years on the earth, I run into people who openly admit they’ve already voted for Joe Biden. Man-O-Man, it stuns me just how willfully ignorant people are … or … they simply hate Donald Trump so much they’re willing to turn the United States over to the most corrupt people imaginable. Stunning indeed.

Does anyone remember when Joe Biden said that he’s never even talked with his son Hunter about his overseas business dealings? Well, that little tid-bit was recorded and you can see it RIGHT HERE. Notice how indignant Ol’ Joe gets when he’s lying and then attempts to deflect from his own corruption? Isn’t it simply amazing how the truth comes out in the most innocent of ways? LOL! Ol’ Joe, you’re such a liar … and a lousy one for sure.

First I’m…

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