The Western white male is the new scapegoat

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

Pascal Bruckner, as the ideal representative of the “old heterosexual and western white male,” refuses to be a “scapegoat”. That is, the one described in his new book for Grasset, “Un coupable presque parfait”, anticipated byLe Figaro.For the author of “The Tears of the White Men” and “The Tyranny of Guilt,” views the present as if, in wanting to fight the old demons of the West, a certain progressivism has in fact resurrected them.

Bruckner is afraid of a tribalized society arising in the throes of the struggle of “genders”, “races” and “communities”.

Already in 1983, with the publication of the “Sanglot”, Bruckner broke with a certain left that, at the time, contrasted a radiant and idealized south with a rapacious and oppressive north. It drew the image of the Third World as a place of all the horrors linked to Western prosperity. Cause and…

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