How German tax money is distributed too lax: 4,682 euros per month for a family of five alleged refugees from Afghanistan

Allah's Willing Executioners

This example is about a family from Afghanistan, father and mother with three children, who have been living in a refugee home in Hamburg since 2017 and who are entitled to 4,682 euros per month. The working population is astonished at how generously tax money is used, for those who have only lived here for a short time and whose refugee tales are taken for granted, but also for those who profit as operators of refugee homes.

On the Internet portal is reported:

The slip of paper is from the Jobcenter Hamburg – a notice on the “Approval of benefits to secure livelihood”. It is addressed to the five-member B. family from Afghanistan, who have been living in the refugee home on Kieler Straße since 2017. The family is told that they are entitled to 4682 euros per month “for August 2020 until May 2021”. Why is accommodation so…

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