Bidengate Or Another Hoax?

The Lone Cactus

It may just be the biggest October surprise in our country’s history. Certainly it will make Jim Comey’s “re-opening” the Hillary email scandal three days before the election look like a Girl Scout meeting. The question is whether or not it’s real, and if it is, what can be done about it at this late date?

Hunter Biden is alleged to have shown up at a computer repair shop with a laptop computer, asking for it to be repaired. He is said to have been in an “inebriated state” when he dropped the computer off. The owner of the shop, who has severe vision problems and can only see about eight feet in front of him on a good day, made a copy of the hard drive before working on it. He found over 40,000 emails from Biden including some to and from his father, and from the number three…

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