Bravo for Poland: denied asylum to Islamist who has beheaded a teacher in France

Allah's Willing Executioners

The Republic of Poland has been the target of a political and media smear campaign for its reluctant policy to welcome Muslim immigration.

What few European politicians and media say is that Poland has been hosting a very high number of Ukrainian immigrants for years, who integrate easily into Polish society, unlike Muslim immigrants, who have created large ghettos in French cities, rejecting the customs of the country and creating a growing security problem. As a result of this migration policy, Poland has hardly been affected by the wave of Islamist terrorism that has caused serious attacks in countries such as France, Belgium and Spain.

In addition, Poland has become one of the safest European countries for women, while other European countries even allow Muslim immigrants to marry and sexually abuse girls, in the face of overwhelming majority and silence from the mainstream media.

Today, the…

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