Let ME Tell You Biden’s Decision

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden is obviously afraid to tell you. He’s scared to have you learn what he thinks about court-packing…you know…adding members to the Supreme Court so that liberals can change the rules to get their way. He says that he’s against it. Then he comes out and says it “depends on how Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the high court turns out.”

I can tell you already what Biden is thinking, what his dilemma is, and what his final decision is going to be. And why he is wrong.

Joe Biden is going to wait until just before the election (because that allows more Democrats and Independents to vote by mail, and they can’t change their vote then!) and when Barrett gets confirmed, he’s going to call the nomination “a shame”, as Kamala Harris already has, and “an affront to our constitution”. Now, I don’t think had Mitch McConnell…

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