Trump 2020!!

Cry and Howl

I’m sitting here watching the President’s rally in North Carolina. On the channel I’m watching there are over 135,000 other people watching. There are tens of thousands attending. The thumbs up button has 41k. The thumbs down button has 1k.

Barack Obama is also holding a campaign rally for Biden. 40k watching. The thumbs up button is at 877 (eight hundred seventy seven). The thumbs down button is at 5.6k.

President Trump is holding rallies almost every day … all over the country. He draws tens of thousands of people to them. Incredible numbers of people waiting for hours to see the President. Joe Biden can’t draw flies. It’s pathetic. Yet the major media claims Joe is ahead of Trump by double digits. Personally I think they are lying to us. Unless the Democrats, the media and loons on the left can figure out a way to cheat on a…

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