Winning Tonight’s Debate

The Lone Cactus

I hate to put pressure on anybody….oh, who am I kidding…I love it. But tonight is going to be one of Donald Trump’s most important moments in his presidency, if not his life.

Donald Trump MUST win tonight’s debate with Joe Biden in order to secure the White House hands down for the next four years. And he isn’t going to do it by being belligerent and bellicose like he was in the first debate. He needs to basically go into tonight’s debate and focus on the four things that will make him a winner.

First and foremost, he needs to tell the nation how it was he and not Obama/Biden that got the country out of the Great Recession that we were mired in since late 2008. He needs to point to the fact he has created more jobs prior to the pandemic than any president in history. He…

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