Analysts predict Trump victories, either a squeaker or a blowout

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Andrea Widburg

Biden is the least inspiring candidate in at last a century, while President Trump has an extraordinarily enthusiastic base that is, if possible, much larger than it was in 2016. Still, the polls have been practically unanimous: Biden will win in a landslide. The polls predicted the same for Hillary in 2016, so we’re suspicious, but the confluence of awful things that’s been 2020 still makes Trump supporters just a little nervous. However, two election analysts are predicting that Trump will beat the pants and double masks off Joe Biden.

Matthew Tyrmand is a numbers guy. He got his start working for almost ten years on Wall Street as a hedge fund portfolio manager who analyzed and traded healthcare and telecommunications stocks. He then became a business consultant. After that, he worked for American Transparency, which has dedicated itself to putting all government spending in one place, information…

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