Austrian military imam fired after allegedly sympathizing with jihad

Allah's Willing Executioners

A well-known imam,Abdulmedzid Sijamhodzic, has been expelled from the Austrian army after the government said evidence came to light that he supports jihadists.

Muslims such as Sijamhodzic, who mostly stem from Balkan countries, have been working in the Austrian army for many years, and a large hare of them came to Austria as refugees during the Yugoslav wars. In response, the Austrian army thus decided to create the post of military imam.

Now, the position is turning out to be a problem after serious allegations prompted Austrian Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner to immediately expelSijamhodzic from Austria’s armed forces.

He is suspected of publicly expressing his sympathy for a Bosnian jihadist movement, according to Czech news portalEcho24.

“Cooperation with him is terminated with immediate effect until further notice,” Tanner said.

According to information from Austria’s top dailyKronen Zeitung, the imam originally from Bosnia published photos on Facebook…

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