Brawls between Muslim pupils and alleged infidels – now the norm at German schools

Allah's Willing Executioners

At the weekend Lale Akgün was gripped by fear. She had just learned of the murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty by Islamists. His crime: He had dared to show cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a classroom.

The federal spokeswoman of the network of Secular Social Democrats wanted to know whether teachers in Germany were also threatened or intimidated by Islamists. And asked this question via Facebook. Yes, they are – answered about 50 teachers within hours. They talked about pupils who “want to suppress diversity of opinion in the classroom with verbal violence” and “threaten teachers openly or covertly”, reports the Cologne Social Democrat. These pupils were “thoroughly shaped by a patriarchal world view, which they want to underpin with Islamic arguments”. Akgün was shocked.In a conversation with the newspaper WELT, Akgün quoted several letters addressed to her. In one of them, the teacher of a…

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