Hunter Biden Creepy Crack Crook

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Posted October 26, 2020

S Chris at USA.Life Group Conservatives United shares a synopsis of the crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop which he found on Facebook. My guess that Facebook post has been censored because I was booted from Facebook with even salacious wording about the Biden Crime Family. My only disappointment with Chris’s share is the lack of source links. I’ve read this info elsewhere so it is well worth sharing just how evil Quid Pro Crooked Joe’s bagman son Hunter Biden is.

After the “S Chris” post I am cross posting a GNews story on how China’s CCP has Hunter Biden and dad – Quid Pro Crooked Joe – are National Security risks for blackmail. That GNews story leads off with a GNews video of sleazeball Hunter getting a hand-job while smoking crack. The video is pornographic. I downloaded before watching. The video…

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