Poll: Vast majority of French against accepting more migrants, believe migrants make France less safe

Allah's Willing Executioners

The vast majority of French are becoming increasingly hostile to accepting more migrants and believe they make the country less secure, according to a new exclusive survey carried out by theIfopagency.

According to the survey, almost three-quarters of respondents believe that immigration costs France more than it earns from it, while seven out of 10 further claim that the country no longer has the means to welcome immigrants.The impact of immigrants on the public sphere is perceived as negative by 64 percent of respondents.

A clear majority of French people, representing 60 percent, believe that welcoming foreigners is no longer possible because of differences in values ​​and problems of cohabitation.An almost identical share believes that massive immigration plays a negative role in defining French identity and the cohesion of society.These identity fears go hand in hand with negative assumptions about the impact of immigration on secularism, as 61…

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