Raphael Kirchner, Prolific Artist Of The Belle Epoque Era

The Mad Jewess

Artist Kirchner, Raphael Postcards - Old Antique Post Cards

I really love the “La Belle Epoque” period and am very fascinated by it, lately. I think because life must have been very beautiful without war after war after fake war after politicians wars. So, I can sympathize with the people of this era. The people who lived at this time probably had not known anything BUT peace until WW1 occurred.

The art from La Belle Epoque, in my personal opinion is so ‘swishy’ and feminine. Yet, classy and “Brandied”… I mean.. I can easily see a very confident man with a glass of brandy sitting in a room filled with Art Nouveau paintings very comfortably.

The art of this time period was painted mostly by men. The beauty of these paintings beckons me to pause at the wonderment of how men saw women before feminism came in and destroyed females.

Take Raphael Kirchner… I love his view of women:…

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