The Earth Is In A Tumultuous Tribulation

The Mad Jewess

The Earth Is In A Tumultuous Tribulation

Seems to me that this tumultuous time started January 2020. I do not know for certain if “The Great Tribulation” is an event by itself or if it just ‘starts.’ But, ‘The Great Tribulation” is written of in the Bible. I watch several channels that show what is happening around the planet and it is BAD! Really bad. Its worse than I have ever seen it. I will link up some stories and Videos and you can see for yourself how we are in a ‘tumultuous tribulation’ time.

Disaster as more than 5,000 dead seal pups are found on a beach in Namibia

After biblical locust plagues Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya face devastating drought as the next rainy season in East Africa is forecast to fail, jeopardizing food security for millions of people

Corn shortage: Grand Solar Minimum kills crops (video)

Pair of…

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