“Tucker Carlson Is Rude”… WTH!

The Mad Jewess

I don’t get where people are coming from at all these days. I do not watch Tucker Carlson hardly at all but when I do, he is very refreshing to me. I’ve never seen Tucker Carlson as rude, however. He’s been in the news for at least 25 years. He reports the truth and the Communists hate him for it.The Communists call him such horrible names. It’s repulsive.


I just got off the phone with a person who thinks Tucker Carlson is ‘rude’. TUCKER? These people I have talked to dont even WATCH commentators. They base their ASSUMPTIONS on one scenario. Of all people–Tucker Carlson is RUDE? This person said: “Tucker must be nicer”. We have NOBODY left on TV in the news.

Tucker is the LAST one who is a truth teller, people.

How much more must Conservatives and Christians capitulate to these evil, rotten, bottom feeding…

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