The Ashes’ B & B


This is the first of the short stories written for our new fiction category. Quite a few more already are here, and I know there’ll be more. Enjoy! Neo

They were on holiday, of course. They’d been in several locations but found one that was unique – it was perfect. It was wonderful. It was everything they’d hoped for. Beautiful sunshine, lovely breezes, a peppy little river, lots of food, and accommodations. Yes; it was perfect.

Phineas and Francesca Frogge had waited for this holiday. The winter had been long, cold, and hard and the summer was completely different and more to their liking. This particular holiday place, The Ashes’ B & B, was more than they could have hoped for. Out on the grounds, next to the bubbling little river, was a sitting area with several umbrella-like gunnera leaves, perfect to sit under when the sun was the hottest…

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