The Suicide of Fox News; Now What?


Bookworm has a question many of you may be asking, “Where will you go without Fox News?” It’s a very valid question, as she says.

Fox News didn’t shoot itself in the foot. It dealt itself a death blow. With it out of the picture, what are you watching?

I watch Tucker Carlson every night. I think he’s intelligent, funny, moral, honest, and genuinely conservative. I watch a little bit of Sean Hannity because he comes on immediately after Tucker, but usually don’t stick around. Sean’s a true conservative, but I don’t have the time to watch more TV than 1 hour per day, and Tucker gets that hour. For the same reason, I don’t watch Laura Ingraham, another consistent conservative.

I’m not currently boycotting the rest of Fox News when I don’t watch it. I’ve never watched it.

Having said that, if I had been watching other Fox News…

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