Looks like Trump got more than 72 million votes

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Carol Brown

This election is the culmination of a four-year long coup against the president. Evil, lying, malicious people at home, and abroad, are on the verge of officially pulling off the greatest heist in modern history.

Trump has been deprived of his rightful victory and Republicans – from elected officials to writers for conservative websites – seem eager to get on board with the overthrow of our government.

The mostegregious claimis that there was no election fraud, as if any of these professional do-nothings and disloyal opportunists have conducted investigations.


As usual, integrity, bravery, and a commitment to the truth are in short supply.

A rare exception to the clamoring voices that suggest we should just move-along-there’s-nothing-to-see-here is Sidney Powell, who stated during a Newsmax interview November 17 that it appears Trump won 80 million votes and describes corruption on such a massive scale…

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