No kidding ! The deportation of refugees may not take place before 6 am, ruled the Düsseldorf Administrative Court in Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

No, this is no fake news, no outrageous tweet by conspiracy theorists who oppose this state on principle. It is a very serious piece of news, which the ZDF broadcasts: “Foreigners to be deported have the right to sleep at night – they must not be visited by the authorities at night.Even in times when many a basic right has to give way for ” civil protection “, when the Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician Karl Lauterbach wants to restrict the right to inviolability of the home for citizens and to control it at home, and when the Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg Strobl wants to forcibly put quarantine refusers in quarantine,at least the right of deportees to peace at night from the authorities is therefore guaranteed. Many a worker who works at night, from bakers to police officers, will be surprised to hear this.The 7th Chamber of the…

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