Islamic Censorship of US Constitution (Video)

Islamic Censorship of US Constitution


Nov 19, 2020

Political Islam

Without freedom of speech, we can’t have rational thought. Without rational thought, we can’t examine our society objectively and fix its problems. Without freedom of thought and speech, there can be no creativity, no creative ideas. You are not fully a human being if you can’t express your thoughts or talk about your ideas. So, you become “inhuman.” Free speech is now being censored and attacked as hate speech. The meaning of hate is determined by political correctness. Hate speech is any speech that offends a “protected” minority. There is little push back from Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, feminists, artists, and intellectuals because we’re afraid of being called names, being shamed, losing status or even our jobs. Those who are courageous and want to resist becoming serfs with no voice, those who value freedom of speech and rational thought, need a way to work together. CSPII is creating such teams. If you’re interested in resisting this 21st century wave of tyranny, go to

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