I love turkey. I love the white meat (now, now!). I prefer dry turkey while the rest of the turkey celebrating world like the ‘moist’ stuff. I sought, as others before and after me, the magazine picture perfect roast turkey. I’m still ‘sought-ing’ but they tell me it’s the journey, not necessarily the destination. I was born in the morning – not THIS morning.

The first turkey I cooked after I married my second (and believe me – my last!) husband, his mother and brother were with us for the holiday. We were living in my husband’s little tiny house that had a closet for a kitchen and no pantry at all. And an apartment-sized stove/oven. I was feeding 15 people that day. I had a large roasting pan to accommodate the huge turkey suitable for 15 people plus take home leftovers for the guests. I attempt to put the…

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