Reality Is Different From Conspiracy Theories

The Lone Cactus

I’ve had a number of people, both on this blog and in “real life” tell me that in the end, Trump will be crowned as the victor of this election because of voter fraud. Let’s set the record straight…and you conspiracy theorists out there that want to make the case it ain’t gonna happen, please keep it to yourself. I’ve heard enough blather for one lifetime.

The odds of Donald Trump overturning the number of states he needs to overturn in order to win the election is infinitesimally small. Do you realize never in our country’s history have five states overturned election results? Do you realize courts have never taken so many votes off the board and changed the election results? And do you realize that all of the YouTubers out there that are screaming about how Sydney Powell is right, in the end it isn’t going to matter.


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