Random Observations


Pennsylvania, Arizona; today, Michigan. One of the huge benefits of being retired is being able to watch the live transmission of these hearings in regard to the vote-counting process. We can imagine what a huge endeavor counting the votes for the 1,2, or 300 million – whatever the registered count is for the country – can be under normal conditions. As we all know, there is nothing the least bit ‘normal’ about the year 2020.

Pennsylvania hearing was very interesting and it also was infuriating as we listened to the experience of poll workers, poll watchers, and poll challengers. The lawyer part of me – you know, that law degree we all have from the Attorney Programs I Have Watched University – that lawyer part of me shook its head and discounted almost all testimony as being unsubstantiated, hearsay, whatever.

Arizona hearing was worth all – what? 10-12 hours of…

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