The Kaleidoscope Gallery Digi

The Mad Jewess

TMJ, AsheDina 2020

I made this one with 2 Klimt repro’s out of Asia and added in a fire type opal. Cool huh? She really reminded me of being in a Kaleidoscope Gallery. I used to visit the Gallery in Phoenicia, upstate, NY. What a gorgeous place that was–especially in the fall with the turning of the leaves.

I lived upstate, NY during 9-11-01. The reservoir in Shokan was closed for a very long time. But, in Phoenicia was the giant Kaleidoscope and we used to visit there just to ‘take in’ all of the cool colors.

Kaleidoscope’s do not ‘relieve’ stress for me but I LOVE looking at the swirling colors. So, VOILA!Hope ya like it! Shabbat Shalom. Have a nice church Sunday, too! :)

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