It is confusion

Cry and Howl

I’m having a bit of difficulty grasping something, though the book of Leviticus in chapter 18 explains a lot on the subject of people doing weird stuff. “Weird stuff” like lying with your sister, mother, father, beasts, men with men, women with women and all the kind of stuff that’s very common today. Granted Leviticus 18 isn’t as detailed about the subject in that particular place. But labeling most of the above as “confusion” is pretty clear.

There’s a pretty well known actress and producer who was born a female (I’m not going to mention her name). She starred in quite a few films and won several awards. She “came out” as gay around 2014 and allegedly married another female … who is gay (ya think?!). Welp, just this month, said born female actress has now decided that she is identifying as transgender, in other words, she is now…

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