REPORT: 40 States Will File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook – LONG, LONG OVERDUE! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

WELL, from this clued-in perch re Facebook’s voluminous overreach and illegal machinations  —with knock-on effects to national security concerns, as well as a multitude of freedom-based violations, compiled with economic strangulation — it is LONG, LONG overdue that a preponderance of states are filling antitrust suits.  Better late than never! Incontestably, for countless and sundry reasons, this arrogant, censoring behemoth (alongside the rest of the insidiously lock-step tech giants/overlords) must be cut down to size — with nothing left standing, aside from this and that paltry crumb, if even that.

BUT if that seems overly harsh, no matter. As it happens, having written (with co-author Joe Newby) the only book critical of the many (hidden and not so hidden) dangers emanating from Facebook, the position taken within is hardly borne of ignorance or smack-talk, so to speak.


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