Leftists Threaten/Target Conservatives With Bodily Harm Via Social Media: Law Enforcement Dead Silent – Facebook, Et Al Alike. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

TRAGICALLY, it is nothing new under the sun that those who screech the loudest – yes, conservatives (via their values) are “harmful” to the well-being of the overall public – are, themselves, the ones committing violent acts, or threatening thereof.

IRREFUTABLY, how many times has it been evidenced that the fascist-left (a/k/a democratic socialists) has harmed conservatives, to the degree that violence was (and still is) involved? Countless

Violence against Republicans is increasing at an alarming rate, and mainstream media outlets and liberal politicians are disturbing silent. No condemnation. No denunciation of violence. Just silence.

Here’s a look at some of the current headlines that are oddly (sarcasm) NOT trending in social media:

Washington Examiner: “Man attempts to stab Republican running against Eric Swalwell

Daily MailDC police investigate threat to commit mass shooting at a MAGA event in Trump International Hotel”

Daily Caller“Wyoming…

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